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    bamboo furniture
    Bamboo Frame
    Candle Holder
    Kreference Rack
    Glass Frame
    Small Folding Screen
    Wome Rack
    Bamboo Bag
    Clothes Rack
    Bamboo Root Handle
    Rettan Handle
    Wooden Handle
    Tea Pot Handle
    Umbrella Handle
    Bead Handle
    About Us
    AnJi YueTan Arts and Crafts Co.,Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of bamboo root crafts, wooden crafts and rattan crafts. Such as bag and case handle, belt, wine supporter, mirror frame, etc. All of our products are well-sold to USA, Japan, Europe and other countries. It is warmly welcomed by customers since it was put into market. We can design and produce to your specified inquiry.

    The Company is located in AnJi county, Which is famous as China Bamboo Home. It is surrounded by mountains covered with bamboo sea. It is one of the counties who own the most abundant bamboo resource in China. We take full use of local bamboo root resource to make our craft. It was come into being after series of processing course. Each of our products are unique designed and fashionable. It is not only elegant but also useful in daily life.

    We have plenty of experience after years of bamboo root crafts processing. Under the management of our general manager Mr Panroot, all of our employees always keep on exploring new style products to satisfy the inquiries from customers. Welcome to get cooperation with us and search the treasure from bamboo root arts.
    AnJi YueTan Arts and Crafts Co.,Ltd. Tel:0086-572-5503168 / 5503198 / 5718088 E-mail:0086-572-5503888
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